Distant Memories ? PHEW !………….

front row gardens - Copy

Some of the back row cottages that were affected by the terrible smells of some of the local factories.

In the  late 1850’s a firm called Lawes opened a factory at Creekmouth producing chemicals, artificial manures and sheep dip. The raw materials used, such as Guano could easily be  landed at the local wharves along the River Thames , the area was isolated enough for there to be  no locals to complain about the noxious smells that always accompanied these industries. Later that century other factories had appeared with equally bad effects on the nose. De Pass also made artificial manures, with factories such as the Middle Cattle Products and the London Butchers Hide and Skin Company processing slaughter house waste adding to the pong.

The Creekmouth was famous for its Industry and distinct odours,  often described as ” CHEWABLE “.