Before the Village

One a’for ‘e go

The original Crooked Billet Alehouse located in the marshes at Creekmouth, was first mentioned in 1719 and it, along with the Gunpowder warehouses, was the only building in this lonely and isolated part of Barking before the arrival of the Lawes factory in the 1850’s. Coming and Going During the time of the Barking fishing

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Sir John Bennet Lawes

Sir John Bennet Lawes Р1814-1900 Sir John Bennet Lawes was born at Rothamsted Manor in 1814. He was educated at Eton and Oxford but left without a degree. He turned one of the bedrooms in the manor into a laboratory and conducted experiments on fertilisers using  bones, guano, potash and superphosphates. In 1843 he

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