Didn’t we have a lovely day

Doris Morris (nee Yeowell) (b.1929) remembers Creekmouth as like ‘Southend’.

A day out at Creekmouth

“I was born in 1929 and lived in Westminster Gardens.  Creekmouth was like Southend to us, a nice place for a day out! Mum used to make rock cakes for us to take, and we would have big bottles of Lemonade with stoppers in. I don`t remember seeing any men at Creekmouth only women! I suppose all the men were out at work. The ladies wore long black dresses, white pinafores and little bonnets. they would sit by their front doors knitting and crocheting, they were always friendly towards us children. They gave us water from the stand pipe to fill our lemonade bottles”.


“We would swing from ropes near the Jetty. watching the  Blue Star liners would go past, their flag had a Blue star on it. The crew were Chinese and would wave to us from the deck, they had long pigtails I think they were Coulies”.

decayed jetty

Old jetty at Creekmouth.

Cows and Horseradish

“On the way to Creekmouth we went through Meadows full of grazing Cows. We would dig up horseradish in the fields; it had a great big roots. Mum would wash, scrub and grate it, it was so strong it made our eyes water. She put it in jam jars filled with vinegar. Home-made horseradish sauce-lovely.”