Sandy Beach, A Hidden Treasure – Brenda Bonner (nee Dooley)

“When I was a child in the 1950s we lived in Westminster Gardens and my dad worked at Pinn & Wheeler at Creekmouth. I used to go with my sister and friends to play on the Creekmouth beach, known locally as, Sandy Beach.

We used to skim stones across the water and sit and watch the boats, loaded with timber and other goods, pass by, on their way to and from the Royal Docks. Dad sometimes saw us there from his place of work. He would go home for lunch and complain to Mum about us being there. I don’t know why as all the local kids went there to play and watch the boats.

We noticed that the Creekmouth women had an old-fashioned look about them. Even in the 1950s  some of them wore long black dresses and white aprons. By this time Thames View Estate was being built and the families began to move out of the village into the new houses.”