Les Stone, a founder member of the Creekmouth Preservation Society, remembers early life in the village.


Les lived in one of these cottages – two up and two down.

‘We had a two bedroom cottage. There were no carpets and big cracks in the doors. Mice and Beetles running about, that was the way of life in those days. There were seven boys and one sister, all in one room, in what we called “top and tail”. Whoever got up first in the morning  “got the best pair of socks”.  Mum would make us toast in the morning over an open fire.

My Gran had fourteen children in a two bedroom house. All Boys!

There was an old outside loo called the “Dunnikins”.  My Dad would say , ” A Toilet Indoors! Thats not healthy”.

You could leave the doors open, no violence, no stealing – nothing to steal. It was a good community life.’