Going Dutch

Don Lane recalls an occasion on which he and his father rode their tandem to Romford:

“When you came in the front door of number 14  Creekmouth Cottages there was a passage with a room on one side where Dad kept his tandem in winter. Going down the passage there was a kitchen and living room and out the back door to the toilet, we had no front garden but a back one.

sailing boat at Lawes jetty

A barge being loaded at Lawes Jetty


One day whilst loading a boat, my Dad said  “Come and see this white rabbit!” It turned out to be Dutch Gin in the wheelhouse, shared between the four of us. When we came off, the tide had risen and lifted the boat, making it very difficult to step off – No doubt the white rabbit didn’t help. Dad and I rode his tandem to Romford after that ….. No breathalysers in those days.” DON LANE