Respect for the River

Billy Bragg came to the event of opening up the Stone Walk in Memory of Les Stone, one of the founder members of Creekmouth Preservation Society.  Billy was impressed with our society for keeping the history of the area alive.  We are Extremely grateful for his support and kind words.

Les Stone

Les Stone, founding member of the Creekmouth Preservation Society

Stone Walk opening #12

Les’s daughters Gina and Jan with ‘Bard of Barking’ Billy Bragg at the Creekmouth Open Space during the opening of Stone Walk

“We played in the powder magazines, two big buildings near the river. We would fish close by but only caught little tiddlers.  The river was very busy. Big Colliers from Newcastle went to the gas works  on the other side of the Roding. One Collier sank after hitting a mine, having to be recovered from the river. The mine may have come in on the tide or been dropped from an enemy plane. I watched as the ship went down.

We paddled and swam in the Roding and Thames. Because we lived there , we knew the currents and tides but above all respected the river.” LES STONE