Same Again Please

Camping Out

“My Children and Grandchildren would have loved the life then. Lots of fields to play in , jumping ditches to see who could jump the furthest. We were lucky: fields to play in, trees to climb, no traffic; we were always outside. Other than Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria we never ailed for anything. We would build an old tent out of sacks; not waterproof I might add, asking if we could sleep out in a nearby field overnight.

We weren`t  allowed to go up to the river bank  until we had learned to swim. My Dad used to say “Water and fire is a good beginining but a bad ending”. We`d  get a tin can bang holes in the bottom, and use it to catch tiddlers, no proper fishing gear for us!Les Stone

If I had my life again I`d  like exactly the same childhood”.