Time for Change – Les Stone

Les Stone

Les Stone, a founder member of the Creekmouth Preservation Society

My children and grandchildren would love the life then. Lots of fields to play in, jumping ditches to see who could jump the farthest. We were lucky: Fields, trees to climb, no traffic. We were always outside. Other than Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria we never ailed for anything. We used to build tents out of old sacks; not waterproof, and ask to sleep out in a field overnight but not too far away.

Water and Fire

We weren’t allowed to go up the bank until we had learned to swim. My dad used to say, “Water and fire is a a good beginning but a bad ending”. We’d get a tin can, bang  holes in the bottom and use it to catch tiddlers. No proper fishing gear for us!

If I had my time again I’d have exactly the same childhood.