Time for School

Jesse Sleight (b.1922) remembers going to Creekmouth School.

‘As far as I can remember I went to school when I was aged 3 and a half. Mum used to come over at lunchtime and bring me a biscuit and a cup of cocoa.

We had a teacher named Miss Adams. She was a tall, blonde lady, very attractive and a nice teacher. She was about to leave to get married when she died. She was only about 30 and she was buried at Rippleside cemetery. There was a glass globe put on the grave with a message: “From the Children of Creeksmouth School.”

My mum was Alice Cater. An old lady once said to me, “Your mum was the best looking girl down the Creek”.  She always wore a long dress and starched, white apron. The women wore black bonnets indoors as well as outside.’